Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Oh, my. Seattle just isn't built for snow. Everything has come to a complete standstill, with buses, cars and garbage cans abandoned on street corners.

(My yard, in 3 inches of snow! I just realized our mini grill looks like a Stormtrooper)

(Our street at 9am)

And in case you wanted to see how bad it gets when a city that rains 6 months a year starts getting icy, here's a pretty funny-if-it-wasn't-so-tragic video taken near 20th and John in Capitol Hill - not too far from where I used to live.


jennifer said...

I can't believe it has already snowed over there! When I lived in Portland, I remember the city used to shut down if it snowed more than an inch. Crazy!

Stay warm and safe!

Amanda said...

Thanks Jennifer! It's crazy here, going to be freezing until Thanksgiving, so we probably won't be able to leave for Portland until Thursday evening. Yikes.