Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Meal Roundup

I thought I'd try summarizing my dinner menu for the past week mostly to gauge how healthy I've been eating, and also just for your benefit, if you're looking to plan ahead at some point.

Monday: Fajitas at Azteca Mexican Restaurant
Tuesday: Easy Tandoori Chicken, Sambhar and Rice
Wednesday: Phad Thai
Thursday: Potato and Mustard Greens Soup
Friday: Goat cheese, tomatoes and thyme Tart
Saturday: Chorizo, Chicken and Seafood Paella
Sunday: Leftover paella with Hot German Potato Salad and Mixed Greens


Christina Kim said...

Whoa...healthy healthy!!:D
For the best of health...cheers!~

Snorfle said...

The Phad Thai probably would have been healthier if I hadn't weighed it down with around 3 pounds of peanuts in a failed attempt to make it restauranty. One day I'll figure it out...