Sunday, August 30, 2009

Midnight Moon Gouda Cheese

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One of my favorite things to do everytime I go to Whole Foods is look and sample at the extensive cheese collection. While the quality of the cheese selection varies from place to place, the Whole Foods I frequent has an INCREDIBLE selection, much more so than any other "pretentious" cheese importers I've been to in Seattle.

Over the past weekend, I picked up an extremely small piece of Midnight Moon Gouda Cheese which is imported by Cypress Grove Creamery in California. It costs $21.99/lb which I guess is one of the more expensive goudas I've seen. But holy lord, it was worth the $7.98 I paid for a wedge smaller than my hand.

The cheese is made from goats milk and aged for 12 months and bursts into a wonderful nutty creaminess in your mouth. There's subtle goat cheese flavors with a mild saltiness that goes so incredibly well with a fruity rose from Spain or even a crisp
French Chardonnay. Grilled peaches rounds with an endive salad rounds off the cheese and wine for a splendid summer supper.

P/S: I wrote this in lieu of actual cooking updates, I think I'm going to do a bit more of wine, cheese and beer updates now since I've been consuming more of these things due to lack of time!


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

no updates anymore? :(

The Unflattered said...

I must tell you that there's no way in hell that's a 12-year-old cheese.

Here's what a 4-yr-old gouda looks like:

I'd say that one is no more than 8-14 mo.